Get started with Workflows Templates

Workflows Templates provides a platform to download Flows from a catalog. You can also create and submit Flows to a GitHub repository for publication in the Templates catalog.

About Workflows Templates

Workflows Templates is a convenient platform to access to a variety of Flow packs. With easy-to-use search and integrated installation capabilities, you can find a Flow sample that most closely fits your organization's needs, add it to your Workflows instance, and learn more about the Flow's components right away. The Catalog includes template Flows for many types of use cases, including a focus on user provisioning and identity management.

The Workflows Templates platform also allows for collaboration and sharing of Flows. If you want to implement a particular use case but one or more factors prevent you from building a Flow efficiently, you can search the Templates catalog. Every template that is listed in the catalog is packaged with a video tutorial and setup documentation.

Workflows Templates catalog

The Workflows Templates catalog is available on the Templates page in your Workflows instance. Each Flow pack is tagged with the following metadata:

  • Title
  • Description
  • Connectors included in the Flow

You can filter Flows by one or more metadata categories. For example, if you enter Salesforce in the Search field, all Flows that include one or more Salesforce event or action cards will be displayed in the search results.

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