Get started with Workflows Use Cases

Workflows Use Cases are template bundles categorized by business function and use case that drive real business outcomes.

About Workflows Use Cases

While the power of Workflows lies in its versatility to execute a wide range of identity automations, Workflows Use Cases aim to address the pointed question “How can Workflows help solve my business function’s specific identity automation challenges in a prescriptive way?”

Workflows Use Cases help customers solve specific identity automation challenges using a bundled collection of curated pre-built and fully customizable Workflows Templates that drive real business outcomes.

Workflows Use Cases catalog

The Workflows Use Cases catalog is available on the homepage page of your Workflows instance. Each use case is navigable from the homepage and includes the following resources:

Explore Popular Use Cases

  • Categorized by business function (example: IT Operations)
  • Includes solution card (example: Accelerate User Onboarding)
  • Short description detailing targeted business outcome (example: Deliver a productive day one experience for the growing number of new hires in your organization)
  • Number of Tasks (example: 4 Tasks)

Solution page for Use Case

  • Description detailing the business challenge, key benefits of the specific use case solution, and business outcome of solution
  • Tasks are categorized by actions. Users are encouraged to apply tasks that are most relevant to their business. (example: the IT Operations Use Case includes an Accelerate User Onboarding solution that includes a task containing 4 available and curated templates that help your organization achieve the business objective.)
  • Connectors required for each template are noted on the upper left corner of each template card.

Filtering Templates by Use Cases and Tasks

You can filter Workflows Templates by Use Case or Tasks categories under the Templates search. For example, if you select the checkbox Provision Accounts in Templates search, all flows that include Provision Account tasks under any Workflows Use Case are displayed in the search results.

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