Workflows known issues

Be aware of known issues within Workflows.

Access to Workflows

For Workflows to perform properly, you must have the SSO SKU enabled. Visit the Okta Help Center or contact Okta support.

Spreadsheet functions

Certain connectors use polling to trigger events. For example, the New Row function for Google Sheets is one such event. Because of polling, these events may not trigger immediately upon changes, but may take 10 minutes or more before the Flow is activated after a change.

Connector event and action limitations

Workflows memory limits affect the number of items that may be shown in dynamically generated connector drop-downs. For example, in the Okta connector, for any events or actions that use a drop-down list of applications, only the first 100 applications can be displayed.

Unsupported authentication types

Workflows does not support OAuth 2.0 client credentials for authentication in flows.

On-premises applications

Workflows does not support connections to on-premises third-party applications.

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