Create User

Create a new user profile within your Dropbox instance.


Field Definition Type Required
Email Email address of the new user. String TRUE
First Name First name of the new user. String TRUE
Last Name Last name of the new user. String TRUE
External ID

Unique external ID of the user.

String FALSE
Persistent ID Persistent identifier for a new user. Persistent ID is only available to teams with persistent ID SAML configuration. String FALSE
Send Welcome ID? Option to send a welcome email to the new user. Boolean FALSE
Role Type of role that is assigned to the new user. Options include:
  • Member Only

  • Support Admin

  • User Management Admin

  • Team Admin

String FALSE
Is Directory Restricted? Indicates whether a team directory is hidden from the new user. Boolean FALSE


Field Definition Type

Unique identifier of the user.

Tag Tag or designation for the new user that is generated by your Dropbox instance. String

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