Dropbox for Business connector

Dropbox for Business allows employees to securely store, share, sync, and collaborate on files.

Authorize your Dropbox for Business account

When you add a Dropbox for Business card to a flow for the first time, you'll be prompted to configure the connection. This will enable you to connect your Dropbox account, save your account information, and reuse the connection in new flows that include Dropbox. See Authorization.

Dropbox for Business connector action cards



Add User to Group

Adds a user to a group.

Create Group

Creates an empty group.

Create User

Creates a new user profile.

Custom API Action

Makes a custom, authenticated HTTP call to the Dropbox for Business API.

Delete Group

Deletes a group.

Download File

Download a file from your Dropbox for Business instance.

List Group Members

Lists the members of a group.

List Groups

Lists the groups within a team.

List Users

Lists the users within a team.

Read Group

Retrieves information about a group.

Read User

Retrieves a user profile.

Remove User

Deletes a user profile.

Remove User from Group

Removes a user from a group.

Search Files or Folders

Search for files or folders in your Dropbox for Business instance.

Suspend User

Suspends a user profile.

Unsuspend User

Unsuspends a user profile.

Update Group

Updates information for a group.

Update User

Updates a user profile.

Upload File

Uploads a file to your Dropbox for Business instance.