Create Ticket

Create a new ticket in Freshservice.


Field Definition Type Required
Requester Email Requester's email. String TRUE
CC Emails Email addresses to add to 'cc' field of ticket email. List of Text FALSE
Workspace The Workspace ID for the ticket. The default value is the ID of the primary workspace of the account.

The attribute is applicable only for accounts with the Workspaces feature enabled.

Number FALSE
Type Type of data returned. Dropdown FALSE
Urgency Ticket urgency. Dropdown FALSE
Subject Ticket subject. String TRUE
Status Ticket status. Dropdown FALSE
Impact Ticket impact. Dropdown FALSE
Source Channel through which the ticket was created. Dropdown FALSE
Priority Ticket priority. Dropdown TRUE
Description Ticket description. String TRUE
Group Group to assign to the ticket. Dropdown FALSE
Assigned To

Person to assign to the ticket.

If you assign this ticket to a group that doesn't contain this person, then when the ticket is created, the selected group is assigned, but this person won't be assigned to it.

Dropdown FALSE
Department Requester's department. Dropdown FALSE
Due By Timestamp of when the ticket must be resolved. Date & Time FALSE
FR Due By Timestamp of when the first response is due. Date & Time FALSE
Tags Tags associated with the ticket. List of Text FALSE
Category Ticket category. Dropdown FALSE
Sub-Category Ticket subcategory. String FALSE
Item Ticket item category. String FALSE
Custom Fields
Custom Text Custom text field. String FALSE
Custom Paragraph Custom paragraph field. String FALSE
Custom Checkbox Custom check box. Boolean FALSE
Custom Dropdown Custom drop-down box. Dropdown FALSE
Custom Multidropdown Custom multiple entry drop-down box List of Text FALSE
Custom Date Custom date field. Date & Time FALSE
Custom Decimal Custom decimal number field. This has a maximum length of eight digits followed by two decimal places (for example, 12345678.90). Number FALSE
Custom Number Custom number field. Number FALSE
Custom Dependent Fields Additional custom fields as defined in Freshservice instance. Various FALSE


Field Definition Type
Ticket ID Freshservice ticket ID. Number

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