Read Spreadsheet Info

Read information about a spreadsheet in your Google Sheets account. If you have spreadsheets with duplicate names, only the first result is returned.


Field Definition Type Required
Field Type Choose from Name or ID. You must enter the spreadsheet name or the spreadsheet ID in the Input section depending on the option you chose. Dropdown TRUE


Field Definition Type Required
Name Spreadsheet name. String TRUE
ID Spreadsheet's unique ID, this can be found in the spreadsheet URL. For example, if the URL is, the spreadsheet ID is 1OKS-x2YGrFaRh4V51rG_YU4HLEO51Mvsrkvk. String TRUE


Field Definition Type
ID Unique ID of the spreadsheet. String
URL URL of the spreadsheet. String
Worksheets Collection of worksheets in the spreadsheet. Object
Name Names of the worksheet tabs in the spreadsheet. String
ID Unique IDs of the worksheet tabs in the spreadsheet. Number

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