Map Profile Source Attributes

Create a list of Okta users expected by the Okta API. This helper card assists in generating a list of users for other cards in this phase.

A maximum of 10,000 users per session can be imported.


Field Definition Type Required

Dynamically return all Custom Identity Source integration apps. Also provide an option to enter the application ID as an input field.

The field displays a maximum of 100 application instances. If a timeout occurs due to server or network issue, the field displays -- Enter Application ID --.

Dropdown TRUE
Import Operation

Choose an import operation type:

  • Create & Update: Create and update users. Returns a list of objects that contain an external ID and a profile object.

  • Deactivate & Delete: Deactivate and delete users. Returns a list of external ID objects.

Dropdown TRUE


Field Definition Type Required
ID ID of a Custom Identity Source application.

Identity Source ID is the same as Application ID.

Appears when -- Enter Application ID -- is selected from the Application option.

Also, when -- Enter Application ID --is selected, output fields aren't populated.

String TRUE
Import Data
External ID Key

Variable key representing the external ID in the source HR system.

For example, this value is mapped into the expected schema expected by the Bulk Import card.

Object FALSE
Users Array of user profile objects from source HR system. List of Objects FALSE


Dynamically retrieve base and custom properties for the specified application.

Field Definition Type
Users List of user profile objects to import. List of Objects
External ID Unique external ID to associate organizations to an external record. Object
Profile Profile of the user.

Properties that are generated when configuring this card.

User Name Username of the user. Object
First Name First name of the user. Object
Last Name Family name of the user. Object
Email Email of the user. Object
Second Email Second email of the user. Object
Mobile Phone Mobile number of the user. Object
Home Address Address of the user. Object
Custom Properties Other custom properties that are generated when configuring this card. Object

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