Read User

Read searched user.



Deleted users can still be read, but their account are no longer active and can't be reactivated.


Field Definition Type Required
Read By
User ID Unique identification number of the user that will be read. The ID can be found in the URL of the document in this format : http://< your domain>< User ID >. Number TRUE


Field Definition Type
User ID

Unique identifier of the user.

User URL A URL to the user. String

Name of the user.

Email User's primary email address. String
Created At

Date and time when the object was created.

Date & Time
Updated At Time and date the user was updated. Date & Time
Timezone User's time zone; see Time Zone. String
IANA Timezone IANA time zone of the user. String
Phone User's phone number. String
Shared Phone Number If true, the phone number is shared. Boolean
Locale ID User's language identifier. Number
Locale User's locale; this is a BCP-47 compliant tag. String
Organization ID Identification code of the organization with which the user is associated. Number
Role User's role; possible values are end-user, agent, or admin. String
Verified? If true, user is verified. Boolean
External ID

Unique external ID of the user.

Tags User's tags; only present is your account has user tagging available. List
Alias User's alias. String
Active? If false, user was deleted. Boolean
Shared? If true, user is shared. Boolean
Shared Agent? If true, user is a shared agent from another support instance. Boolean
Last Login At Last time the user signed in. Date & Time
Two Factor Auth Enabled If true, two factor authentication is enabled. Boolean
Signature User's signature; only agents and admins have a signature. String
Details Additional miscellaneous details about the user, such as an address. String
Notes Notes about the user. String
Role Type User's role type. Number
Custom Role ID User's custom role. String
Moderator? If true, the user has forum moderation capabilities. Boolean
Ticket Restriction Specifies tickets to which the user has access. String
Private Comments Only? If true, the user can only create private comments. Boolean
Restricted Agent? If true, the agent has restrictions. Boolean
Suspended? If true, the agent is suspended. Boolean
Chat Only? If true, the user is a chat-only agent. Boolean
Default Group ID User's default group ID. Number
Report CSV? If true, the user can access the CSV report. Boolean
Custom Fields A dynamically generated list of any custom fields associated with users. More on custom Fields. Various

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