Search Tickets

Search for one or more tickets and return the ticket ID(s). The ticket ID can be used with another other card to read the ticket, update its information, and more.


Field Definition Type Required
Return Choose from Single ticket and All matching tickets.

Single ticket - If selected, this card returns the first ticket that matches your search. Use this option when you're looking for a specific ticket.

All matching tickets - If selected, this card returns a collection of tickets that match your search. Use this option when you're looking for a filtered set of tickets.

Dropdown TRUE


Use one or more of the input fields to search for tickets. Any results that you do not want to search by should be hidden from the card.

If you specify multiple search criteria, they're combined to create the query. The resulting output is the group that matches all criteria.

However, if you don't specify any search criteria, the card returns all fields for available records.

Field Definition Type Required
Subject Subject of the ticket. String FALSE
Description Description (or the first comment) on a ticket. String FALSE
Type Type of ticket; options are problem, incident, question, or task. Dropdown FALSE
Priority Priority of the ticket; options are urgent, high, normal, or low. Dropdown FALSE
Status State of the ticket; can be new, open, pending, hold, solved, or closed. Dropdown FALSE
Requester ID of the user who requested the ticket. Number FALSE
Assignee ID of the agent to whom the ticket is assigned. String FALSE
Organization ID of the organization to which the requester belongs. String FALSE
Group ID of the group to which the ticket is assigned. String FALSE
Due Date Due date of the ticket if it is of type 'task'; the date must be in ISO 8601 format. String FALSE
Tags A list of the tags associated with the ticket. Ticket must have each of the tags in this list to be included in the search results. List FALSE
Via Channel A description of how the ticket was created; possible values are api, web, or mobile. Dropdown FALSE
Ticket Form ID of the ticket form that was used to render this ticket, if any. String FALSE
Brand ID of the brand associated with this ticket. String FALSE
Has Attachment? If True is selected, only tickets with attachments will be included in the results. If False, only tickets without attachments will be included in the results. Boolean FALSE
Attachment Name File name of any attachment. String FALSE
CC ID of any user who is currently CC'd on the ticket. String FALSE
Custom Field Value Searches each custom field on the ticket for a matching value. String FALSE
External ID An external ID for the ticket. String FALSE


Field Definition Type
Ticket ID ID of the first ticket returned by the search; returned when the Single ticket option is chosen. String
Ticket IDs IDs of all tickets returned by the search; returned when the All matching tickets option is chosen. List

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