Encode Query

Encode a query object into a URL-encoded query object. A query string is everything after the ? question mark in a URL. Certain special characters, such as space, :, ?, or / need to be encoded because they have special meaning in the URL itself.


This function card is the inverse of Decode Query.

To use this card, build a query object using Object functions such as the Construct, Set, or Zip function cards. This is more easily done when using dynamics inputs from previous steps. Then encode it to a string using this Encode Query function card.


Field Definition Type Required
data Query object. Object TRUE


Field Definition Type
output Query string. String


In https://www.example.com/searchcustomers?name=John%20Doe&region=North%20America, the query string is the part starting with name. You can create it by using Encode Query with this input:

"name": "John Doe",
"region": "North America"

This object is encoded to the query string name=John%20Doe&region=North%20America.

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