Search Objects

Search objects in a specified bucket in AWS S3.


Field Definition Type Required
Result Set Choose a method to filter search results:
  • First Matching Record: returns the first record that matches
  • First 200 Matching Records: returns all matching records, in list format.
  • Stream Matching Records: pass all matching records from your parent flow to a helper flow; a Streaming input section will be added to the card from which you can select a helper flow for streaming and adding custom extensible fields.

Dropdown TRUE
Region Region for your AWS S3 bucket. Choose a region for your AWS S3 bucket. Dropdown TRUE


Field Definition Type Required
Bucket Bucket name containing the objects. String TRUE
Prefix Limits the response to keys that begin with the specified prefix. String FALSE
Delimiter Delimiter is a character you use to group keys. String FALSE
Expected Bucket Owner Account ID of the expected bucket owner. If the bucket is owned by a different account, the request will fail with an HTTP 403 (Access Denied) error. String FALSE
Request Payer Confirms that the requester knows that they will be charged for the request. FALSE

Click Choose Flow to browse and select a helper flow where the search results will be streamed, then click Choose to confirm.

Optionally, click the empty field under Click or drop here to create and add custom extensible fields that pass data to the helper flow. These fields are added as key/value pairs under the State output object in the helper flow.

Search Criteria
Record Limit

Specify the number of records to stream.

  • When the Limit field is set to 0, the stream returns no records.

  • When the Limit field is set to greater than 0, the stream returns up to the maximum number specified.

  • When the Limit field is empty, null, or not selected, the stream returns all records.

  • The default value is 10000000 (10 million).

  • The valid range is 0 to 10000000.

This field appears when you select Stream Matching Records from the Result Set option.

Number FALSE


Field Definition Type
Key Key of the object. String
Last Modified Date the object was last modified. String
ETag Opaque identifier assigned by a web server to a specific version of a resource found at a URL. String
Storage Class Provides storage class information of the object. AWS S3 returns this header for all objects except for S3 Standard storage class objects. String
Owner ID ID of the owner of the object. String
Size Size of the object in bytes. Number
Records Streamed

Number of records streamed in a streaming flow.

This field appears when you select Stream Matching Records from the Result Set option.


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