When you add a BambooHR card to a flow for the first time, Okta Workflows prompts you to configure the connection. This connection links to your BambooHR account and saves your account information, so you can reuse the connection for future BambooHR flows.

You can create multiple unique connections and manage them from the Connections page in the Okta Workflows Console.

Before you begin

You need the following elements to create a connection to a BambooHR account:

  • Okta Workflows administrator authority

  • A BambooHR administrator account

Create a BambooHR API key

A BambooHR API key is required to complete the integration with Okta.

When creating the BambooHR API key, use a service account and not an administrator account.

  1. Sign in to your BambooHR instance with administrator permissions.
  2. From your BambooHR home page, click Account and select API Keys.
  3. Click Add New Key.
  4. Enter a name for the API key in the API Key Name field and click Generate Key.
  5. Click COPY KEY to copy the key to your clipboard.
  6. Click Done.

For additional information about configuring BambooHR, see Configuring Provisioning for BambooHR.

Create a connection in Okta Workflows

To create a connection to BambooHR, complete the following steps in your Workflows Console.

  1. On the Connections tab, click New Connection.
  2. Select the BambooHR icon in the New Connection dialog.
  3. Enter a Connection Nickname. Use a unique name, in case you need to create multiple BambooHR accounts.
  4. Enter your BambooHR Subdomain and the API Key that you copied from the BambooHR site.
    • Enter your subdomain without the https//: prefix, and before the For example, if your instance URL is, then the subdomain value is just example.

  5. Click Create to save your configuration and create the connection.

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