Copy File

Copy a file to destination folder by ID in Google Drive.


Field Definition Type Required
Shared Drive?

Choose from Yes or No.

If Yes

  • actions with files and folders are performed from a shared drive.

  • Writer Can Share input field is not available.

If No, actions with files and folders are performed from My Drive.

Dropdown TRUE

Additional Shared Drive information

When users share from Google Drive, they can control whether people can edit, comment on, or only view the file.

  • Viewer, People can view, but can't change or share the file with others, or delete files.

  • Commenter, People can add comments and suggestions, but can't change files, share files with others, or delete files.

  • Editor, People can make changes, accept or reject suggestions, share files with others, and version files. They can't delete files.

File can be deleted by owner of a shared drive. Learn about how to share files from Google Drive here.

Performing operations on shared drives can cause delays if a user has multiple shared drives. Learn about shared drive file and folder limits here.


Field Definition Type Required
File ID Unique file ID. Can be found in the file URL or by using Search Files. String TRUE
Name Name of the file. String FALSE
Description Description of the file. String FALSE
Parent Folder ID Unique folder ID if the file is in a nested folder; can be found by using Search Folders. String FALSE
Starred Indicates if the document is starred. Boolean FALSE
Viewers Can Download Indicates if viewers can download the content. Boolean FALSE
Writers Can Share Indicates if writers can share the file. Boolean FALSE


Field Definition Type
File ID Copy file ID. String
File Name New file name. The file name will combine Copy of with the the original file name. If no file name exists, the file name will be Copy of Untitled Document. String

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