When you add a Greenhouse card to a flow for the first time, Okta Workflows prompts you to configure the connection. This connection links to your Greenhouse account and saves your account information, so you can reuse the connection for future Greenhouse flows.

You can create multiple unique connections and manage them from the Connections page in the Okta Workflows Console.

Before you begin

You need the following elements to create a connection to a Greenhouse account:

  • Okta Workflows administrator authority

  • To create a Harvest API key, you must grant the Can manage ALL organization's API Credentials to an account. This permission setting is in the Developer permission section of your Greenhouse instance.

Create a Greenhouse API key

  1. Sign in to your Greenhouse instance with the user account that was granted permission.

  2. On the Home page, click Configure.

  3. Go to Dev Center API Credentials.

  4. Click Create new API key.

  5. Choose Harvest as the API type and choose your Partners. Enter a memorable Description for the API key.

  6. Click Manage Permissions.

  7. Click Copy to send the new API key to your clipboard. Click I have stored the API key.

  8. Select the following Greenhouse Harvest API key permissions:


    Get: List Users

    Get: Retrieve User

    Post: Add User E-mail Address

    Patch: Update a user


    Get: List Candidates

    Get: Retrieve Candidate

    Patch: Edit Candidate

    Custom Fields

    Get: Get custom fields

  9. Click Save.

Create a connection in Okta Workflows

To create a connection to Greenhouse, complete the following steps in your Workflows Console:

  1. On the Connections tab, click New Connection.
  2. Select the Greenhouse icon in the New Connection dialog.
  3. Enter a Connection Nickname. Use a unique name, in case you need to create multiple Greenhouse accounts.
  4. Enter your API Key that you copied from the Greenhouse site.
  5. Click Create to save your configuration and create the connection.

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