When you add a Jira card to a flow for the first time, Okta prompts you to configure the connection.

This connection enables you to connect your Jira account, save your account information, and reuse the connection in new flows.

You can create multiple unique connections and manage them from the Connections page in the Okta Workflows Console.

Configure your Jira environment

Confirm permissions

To use the event cards for the Jira connector, you must create an API token from an account that has the Administer Jira global permission. See Manage Global Permissions to understand the definitions.

Because this permission is applied at a group level, you must know which group your user account belongs to before you begin. Complete the following steps:

  1. Sign in to your Jira account as a user with administration privileges.

  2. Switch to your Jira Software dashboard.

  3. Click the gear icon and select System.

  4. Click Global Permissions.

  5. Click Configure permissions in user management under the Administer Jira permission section.

  6. Under Product access, add the group to Jira Software. This grants all users of this group access to Jira.

  7. Under Administration access, add the group to Jira Administration. This grants all users of this group Administer permission.

Beginning January 2, 2024, each Jira instance has a limit of up to 100 active Jira admin webhooks.

Create API token

To build flows using the event or action cards of your Jira connector, you must have a valid API token for your Atlassian account. To create your API token, see Manage API tokens for your Atlassian account.

Configure your connection in Okta Workflows

To create a connection from an event or action card, complete the following steps:

  1. Click New Connection.

  2. Enter a Connection Nickname. Make this nickname unique so you can authorize multiple Jira accounts.

  3. Enter your Username and API Token.

  4. Enter your Instance URL without the https//: prefix. For example,

  5. Click Create to save your configuration.

If you revoke or delete your Jira API token, you must create a token and update all of your connections to use the new token. See Connections page.

Jira automatically locks you out of the API if four calls are made with old or incorrect passwords or tokens. If any active flows attempt to use your old token, all calls will fail (including those that use the correct credentials). To regain API access, you need to change your password.

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