For information about configuring Jira API tokens, click here.

You can create multiple connections and manage them from your Connections page.

To create a connection from an event or action card, complete the following steps:

  1. Click New Connection.

  2. Enter a Connection Nickname. Make this nickname unique so you can authorize multiple Jira accounts.

  3. Enter your Username and API Token.

  4. Enter your Instance URL without the https//: prefix. For example,

  5. Click Create to save your configuration.

If you revoke or delete your Jira API token, you must create a token and update all of your connections to use the new token. See Connections page.

Jira automatically locks you out of the API if four calls are made with old or incorrect passwords or tokens. If any active flows attempt to use your old token, all calls will fail (including those that use the correct credentials). This requires you to change your password to regain API access.

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