Revoke connection

Delete a connection from Okta Workflows

Remove a single connection from the Workflows platform.

  1. Go to WorkflowsConnections.

  2. Select the connection and then click Delete.

  3. Close the browser session.

Delete the Okta app in Enterprise applications in Azure Portal

Disable all existing connections at the same time. The connections that appears on the Workflows platform remain working until the current access token expires, which takes approximately one hour.

  1. In your Azure Portal, select Azure Active DirectoryEnterprise applications.

  2. Select the Okta app (either Office 365 Mail for Okta Preview or Office 365 Mail for Okta Workflows).

  3. Under Manage, select PropertiesDelete.

The previous admin consents granted are revoked and regular users won't be able to create new connections until admin consent is granted.

For any connection you want to keep alive, you have to manually re-authorize them and go through the consent process again within one hour to avoid connection failure.

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