Read Application

List an application in Okta.


Field Definition Type Required
Application Choose an application that you want to read. Choose Enter Application ID to select an application by its ID.

The maximum applications displayed is 100 application instances. When a timeout occurs due to server or network connectivity issues, the Enter Application ID is the only option that displays.

Dropdown FALSE


Field Definition Type Required
ID Unique ID an application.
Appears when Enter Application ID is selected from the Application option.
String TRUE


Field Definition Type
ID Unique ID for the application. String

Name of the application.

Label User-defined display name for application. String
Status Status of the application. String
Last Updated Timestamp of the last group update. Date & Time

Date and time when the object was created.

Date & Time
Error Redirect URL Custom error page for this application. String
Login Redirect URL Custom login page for this application. String
Self Service Enable self-service app assignment. Boolean
App Links Displays specific appLinks for the application. Object
Auto Launch Automatically signs in to the app when user signs into Okta. Boolean
Auto Submit Toolbar Automatically sign in when user lands on the sign-in page. Boolean
Hide Hides this app for specific end-user applications. Object
Features Enabled application features. List of Strings
Profile Valid JSON schema for specifying properties (only available to OAuth 2.0 client applications). Object
Request Object Signing Algorithm Type of JSON Web Key Set (JWKS) algorithm that must be used for signing request objects. String
SignOn Mode Authentication mode of application. String
Credentials Credentials for the specified SignOn Mode. Object
Settings Settings for application. Object
Links Discoverable resources related to the group. Object

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