Read User

Read an Okta user's system information and profile properties by ID or username. Custom added fields are included in the profile properties.


This action card will not read information about application users. Attempting to do so will result in a 404 error when the user type is invalid or incorrect. See Workflows error messages and HTTP status codes.

To retrieve details about an application user, use the Custom API Action card. See Application user operations on reading information about assigned users for an application.


Field Definition Type Required
ID or Login ID or login username of the Okta user (usually in an email format). String TRUE


Field Definition Type
System Properties
ID ID of the Okta user. String

Date and time when the object was created.

Date & Time
Activated Timestamp when transition to ACTIVE status completed. Boolean
Status Changed Date of the user's last status change. Date & Time
Last Login Timestamp of the user's last login date. Date & Time
Last Updated Timestamp of the user's last update. Date & Time
Password Changed Timestamp of the user's last password change. Date & Time
Emails List of emails associated with the user. List
Password True if the user has a valid password or imported hashed password, false otherwise. Boolean
Recovery Question Recovery question when a user forgets their password. String
Name Name of the authentication provider. String
Type Type of authentication provider; one of: OKTA, ACTIVE_DIRECTORY, LDAP, FEDERATION, SOCIAL or IMPORT. String
Profile Properties
City City or locality component of user's address. String
Cost center Name of a cost center assigned with the user. String
Country code Country abbreviation. String
Department Name of user's department. String
Display name Name of the user, suitable for display to end users. String
Division Name of the user's division, String
Primary email User's primary email address. String
Employee number User's unique identifier assigned to them by the organization or company. String
First name User's first name. String
Honorific prefix User's honorific prefix(es), also known as title in most Western languages String
Honorific suffix User's honorific suffix(es), also known as title in most Western languages. String
Last name User's last name or family name. String
Locale User's default location for purposes of localizing items like currency, date/time format, and numerical representations. String
Username Login username of the user, usually in the form of an email address. String
Manager Display name of the user's manager. String
ManagerId ID of the user's manager. String
Middle name User's middle name. String
Mobile phone User's mobile phone number. String
Nickname User's preferred nickname, if applicable. String
Organization Name of the user's organization. String
Postal Address Mailing address component of user's address. String
Preferred language User's preferred written or spoken languages. String
Primary phone Primary phone number of the user, such as their home number. String
Profile Url URL of user's online profile (a web page). String
Secondary email Secondary email address of the user (typically used for account recovery). String
State State or region component of user's address. String
Street address Full street address component of user's address. String
Time zone User's time zone. String

Job title of the user.

User type User's relationship to the organization, such as Employee or Contractor. String
Zip code Zip code or postal code component of the user's address. String
Custom Profile Properties Additional custom user profile properties that are generated when configuring this card. Various

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