Update User

Update a user profile within your PagerDuty instance.


Field Definition Type Required
Update By
User ID Unique identifier of the of the person who is updating a user profile in PagerDuty. String TRUE
Type Type of role that is assigned to the user. Role can be user or user_reference. String FALSE

Name of the user.

String FALSE
Email User's email address. String FALSE
Timezone Timezone where the user resides. String FALSE
Color User's schedule color. A user has a color associated with their profile that's used in the on-call schedule for faster recognition. String FALSE
Role Updated role within a user's role type. The type can be admin, limited_user, observer, owner, read_only_user, restricted_access, read_only_limited_user, or user. String FALSE
Job Title User's updated job title. String FALSE
Description Miscellaneous user information or biographical information. String FALSE
Password Account password for a user profile. String FALSE


Field Definition Type
Status Code

Result of the operation. The connector returns an HTTP status code that indicates whether the action taken by the card succeeded or failed. For example:

  • A 201 Created status code indicates success where a new resource was created.
  • A 403 Forbidden error indicates that the HTTP request wasn't processed because the necessary permissions were missing.

For a full list of possible status codes, see HTTP status codes.


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