Get Users in Channel

Retrieve the members of a Slack channel.

While members of a public channel may be retrieved by non-members of that channel, the authenticated user who invokes this card in a flow must be a member of a private channel to retrieve its members.


This card may timeout while trying to populate the Channel dropdown. This can occur when your workspace has a large number of channels that can't be retrieved within a 60 second time limit. This timeout can also occur when testing a card.


Field Definition Type Required
Channel List of available channels.

A maximum of 200 public channels and 200 private channels are displayed. Even if the number of public (or private) channels don't exceed 200, API limitations may prevent some channels from being listed in the Channel dropdown.

The dropdown will display only those unarchived channels of which the user who created the Slack connection is a member. To specify a public or private channel that is not listed, select the Enter Channel ID option and populate the Channel ID input field.

If a failure occurs and no channels are listed in the dropdown, then only the Enter Channel ID option will be displayed.

Dropdown TRUE


Field Definition Type Required
Channel ID Unique identifier of the Slack channel. This field appears when Channel is set to -- Enter Channel ID --. String TRUE


Field Definition Type
User ID

Unique identifier of the user.

List of Text

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