Update Ticket

Update a ticket.


Field Definition Type Required
Update by
Ticket ID Unique identification number of the ticket that will be updated by this card. The ID can be found in the URL of the document in this format : http://<your_domain>.zendesk.com/agent/tickets/<ticket_ID>. Number TRUE
Subject Value of the subject field for this ticket. String FALSE
Type Type of this ticket; options are problem, incident, question, or task. Dropdown FALSE
External ID A unique ID you can use to link Zendesk Support tickets to local records. String FALSE
Priority Priority defines the urgency with which the ticket should be addressed, urgent, high, normal, and low. Dropdown FALSE
Status State of the ticket; options are new, open, pending, hold, solved, or closed. Dropdown FALSE
Recipient Original recipient email address of the ticket. String FALSE
Requester ID Identification code of user who requested this ticket. Number FALSE
Submitter ID Identification code of the user who submitted the ticket. The submitter always becomes the author of the first comment on the ticket. Number FALSE
Assignee ID Identification code of what agent is currently assigned to the ticket. Number FALSE
Group ID Identification number of the group this ticket is assigned to. Number FALSE
Forum Topic ID Topic this ticket originated from, if any. Number FALSE
Problem ID Identification code of the problem this incident is linked to, if any. Number FALSE
Due At If this is a ticket of type "task" it has a due date. This date must be in ISO 8601 format. String FALSE
Ticket Form ID ID of the ticket form to render for this ticket; only applicable for enterprise accounts. Number FALSE
Brand ID ID of the brand this ticket is associated with; only applicable for enterprise accounts. Number FALSE
Collaborator IDs IDs of collaborators on the ticket. List FALSE
Organization ID Organization ID of the requester. Number FALSE
Tags Array of tags applied to this ticket. List FALSE
Custom Fields A dynamically generated list of any custom fields associated with users. For more information on custom fields, see About custom field types. Various FALSE


Field Definition Type
Status Code

Result of the operation. The connector returns an HTTP status code that indicates whether the action taken by the card succeeded or failed. For example:

  • A 201 Created status code indicates success where a new resource was created.
  • A 403 Forbidden error indicates that the HTTP request wasn't processed because the necessary permissions were missing.

For a full list of possible status codes, see HTTP status codes.


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