Upload Attachment

Upload a file and attach it to a ticket in Zendesk.


Field Definition Type Required
Attach To
Ticket ID Unique Identification number of the ticket that will be attached an attachment by this card.

The ID could be found in the URL of the document in this format : http://< your domain>.zendesk.com/agent/tickets/< ticket ID >

Number FALSE
Comment Comment received with this file, if available. String TRUE
Public? Indicates whether the file is public to all viewers of ticket. Boolean FALSE
File Name

Name of the file.

String TRUE
File Content Contents of the file. File TRUE

A file must be at least 1 byte in size, but cannot be larger than 2 GB. See Workflows system limits.

Only files that are already stored in the Workflows platform file system can be uploaded. Local files cannot be uploaded as attachments to Zendesk using this action card.


Field Definition Type
Attachment ID Unique identifier of the attachment. Number
Attachment URL URL of the attachment. String
Ticket URL URL of the ticket. String

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