When you add a Zoom card to a flow for the first time, you'll be prompted to configure the connection. This will enable you to connect your Zoom account, save your account information, and reuse the connection in new flows that include Zoom. The Zoom connector uses SCIM protocol.

While you can create multiple connections and manage them from your Connections page, only one Zoom connection can be made per user account. If you attempt to create a second connection using the same user account, the access token for the previous connection will be invalidated. This is a current limitation with the Zoom implementation of OAuth and is subject to change.

Additionally, note that an account can only be used in one org. For example, you can't use the same account to create connections in both a Preview org and a Production org.

Create a new Zoom connection in Workflows

Before you begin

  • Okta Workflows admin credentials

  • Zoom account credentials, where:

    • The user type of the Zoom account is On-Prem

    • The user role of the Zoom account is Admin or Owner

Start this task

  1. There are two ways that you can create a new connection:

    • Add a Zoom card to your flow and click New Connection.

    • Open the Connections tab in the Workflows platform. Click New Connection and then click Zoom.

  2. Enter a Connection Nickname. This is useful if you plan to create multiple Zoom connections to share with your team.

  3. Click Create.

  4. To sign in to Zoom and authorize a connection, select one of these options:

    • Enter the email address and password for the Zoom account, select I'm not a robot and click Sign In.

    • Click Sign in with SSO to sign in with SSO.

    • Click Sign in with Google to use your Google credentials to sign in.

    • Click Sign in with Facebook to use your Facebook credentials to sign in.

  5. Click Pre-Approve to approve the use of the Workflows app with Zoom.

  1. Click Authorize.

The Zoom connector is now configured and this connection is ready to be used with available action cards for the connector.

For any configured Zoom connection, an active flow that includes a Zoom action card must run every 60 minutes to keep the access token alive. Otherwise, the Zoom connection will become invalid.

Deauthorize or uninstall Zoom connector in Workflows

You can delete individual Zoom connections to deauthorize the Zoom application connector or uninstall the entire Zoom application connector.

Before you begin

  • Okta Workflows admin credentials

  • Zoom admin credentials

Delete a Zoom connection in Workflows

  1. In the Okta Workflows Console, go to Connections.

  2. Click the Delete icon Delete iconbeside the connection that you want to delete. The Delete Connection dialog box appears.

  3. Click Confirm to delete the connection.

Uninstall Zoom Workflows app from Zoom Account

  1. Sign in to Zoom with admin credentials.

  2. Go to Zoom App Marketplace.

  3. Search for the Okta Workflows app and click Uninstall.

  4. Click Confirm Uninstall to uninstall the Okta Workflows app from your Zoom account.

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