To String

This function card is only available in Connector Builder.

This function card converts a numerical value to a string. Use this function card when you need to perform a type conversion in a flow.


Field Definition Type Required
value Value to be converted to a string.

If the input value consists of a set of numbers, then the output is a string.

If the input is a JSON object, then the output is a JSON-compliant string.

If the input is of type True/False, then the output is true or false, respectively. If the user enters True (of type Text), then the output will be True (as text).

If the input is a set of string characters only, then the output is also the same set of string characters (a trivial conversion).

Text, Boolean, Number, or Object TRUE

If the To String function card cannot convert the numerical value, an error is returned.


Field Definition Type
output Converted string value. String


If value is 123 (of type Number), then output is 123 (of type Text).

If value is False (of type True/False), then output is false (of type Text).

If value is the JSON object, as follows:

"firstname": "John",
"lastname": "Smith",
"status": "active"

It's resultantoutput is {"employee":{"firstname":"John","lastname":"Smith","status":"active"}}.

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