Add a multiple of a unit of time (for example, seconds) from a starting date and time and return a new date value.


Field Definition Type Required
start date Start date and time. Date & Time TRUE
add Amount to add to the start date and time. Number FALSE
units Specific unit type (in scale) to add to the start date. Options are:
  • milliseconds
  • seconds
  • minutes
  • hours
  • days weeks
  • months
  • years
Dropdown TRUE


Field Definition Type
output Resulting date and time after the specified addition Date & Time


start date add units output
5-Sept-2016 2 weeks 19-Sept-2016
19-Sept-2016 9:00am 8 hours 19-Sept-2016 5:00pm

If you want to start with the current date and time, use a Now card and drag/drop the date field from the Now card into the start date field on the Add card.

Results for this card are displayed and converted to text in ISO date format using UTC Z notation (that is, not adjusted for local time zone). If you need to display a date and time in a specific time zone, use Date to Text.

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