Subtract a multiple of a unit of time (for example, seconds) from a starting date and time and return a new date value.


Field Definition Type Required
start date Date and time from which a unit of time will be subtracted. Date & Time TRUE
subtract Amount that will be subtracted from a specified date and time. Number FALSE
units Specific unit type (in scale) to subtract from the start date. Options are:
  • milliseconds

  • seconds

  • minutes

  • hours

  • days weeks

  • months

  • years

Dropdown TRUE


Field Definition Type
output Resulting date and time after a specified amount of time is subtracted. The output value is an earlier date and time. Date & Time


start date subtract units output
19-Sept-2016 2 weeks 5-Sept-2016
19-Sept-2016 5:00pm 8 hours 19-Sept-2016 9:00am

If you want to start with the current date and time, use a Now card and drag and drop the date field from the Now card into the start field on the Subtract card.

Results from Date & Time function cards are displayed and converted to text in ISO date format using UTC Z notation (not adjusted for local time zone). If you need to display a date and time in a specific time zone, use Date to Text.

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