This function card runs a helper flow a specified number of times.

To use this function card, you first need a helper flow that contains the steps you want to run repeatedly. Your helper flow can receive the current loop count by using the Index field in the Context section of the helper flow card. For example, the value for the Index field is 0 when the helper flow runs the first time, 1 for the second time, 2 for the third time, and so forth.


Field Definition Type Required
Helper Flow Dialog to select a flow that will be executed a specified number of times. Choose either an existing flow or create a flow. Dialog TRUE
With these options
count Number of times to repeat the helper flow. The maximum value is 10,000. Number FALSE
concurrency Number of instances of the helper flow to run in parallel. If it's important that the executions are processed in sequence, enter 1. Otherwise, a higher number such as 5 or 10 will allow your flow to complete sooner. Number FALSE


This card has no output fields. To return values as outputs, see the List function cards for other options.

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