API Endpoint

The API Endpoint card allows you to create a flow that can be invoked through a URL.

The card only supports GET and POST request methods. Other request methods, such as HEAD, aren't supported.

The Okta Workflows API doesn't allow authenticated cross-origin resource sharing (CORS) for browser-initiated flow invocations. Any CORS preflight requests don't return the Access-Control-Allow-Credentials: true header, and therefore cause a failure for any browser requests that include credentials. If you need to invoke an authenticated API Endpoint through a browser, send the request through an external backend proxy.


This card has no input fields.


The user creates the output fields for the API Endpoint card, using the following three categories.

Field Definition Type



Create explicitly named output fields (for example content-type) to access the values contained within the header of the HTTP request.

As headers are normally case insensitive, enter the header keys you want to capture in all lowercase.



Create explicitly named output fields to access values contained within the body of the HTTP request.

This is commonly used when activating a flow using a POST HTTP request.



Create explicitly named output fields to access any parameters sent within the URL string after the query parameter in the HTTP request.

For example, if the invoking URL is https://example.com/example?name=john, you can add a field called name to access to the value john contained within this field.

Don't use parameters with an x-okta-workflows prefix to pass data to the rest of a flow when calling an API Endpoint, as this prefix isn't available.


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