Reads the value stored in an object at a given path.

For example, if the object is { "a":"one", "b":"two", "c": 17 }, then specifying a path of b retrieves the text two. To get more than one value at a time from an object, use Get Multiple instead.

Nested objects

You can retrieve values from nested objects by using a dot to separate the key names. If the object is { "a": { "b": "this", "c":"that" } } , then a path of a.c will retrieve the value that.

If there's a list in the path, you can use the index number in the path. For example, consider the following object:

"a": [
"b": "first"
"b": "second"
"b": "third"

Using a path of a.2.b retrieves the value third.

You must define the type of the output to match the actual type of the value at that path. If you specify a different type than the actual value, the flow is likely to fail at runtime because the engine expects all types to be defined correctly when the flow is designed.

For example, if you retrieve path c from object { "a":"one", "b":"two", "c": 17 } and don't change the type of output to be number, then you may encounter runtime errors.


Field Definition Type Required
object Object for your selected key. Object FALSE
path Key or path that identifies the selected value. String TRUE


Field Definition Type
output Value at the specified path. String

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