Merges multiple objects into a single object. The output object has all of the keys (with their associated values) that appear in any of the input objects. If the same key appears in more than one of the input objects, only one value is taken. There are two inputs by default, but more can be added.

Input Fields

  • object 1: an object to merge

  • object 2: a second object to merge

You can merge a third object by clicking the gray placeholder input or dropping an object into it. Afterwards, a new placeholder will appear for a fourth (or more) input(s).

Output Fields

  • output: the newly merged object


object 1: {"email":"", "id":123}

object 2: {"email":"", "first":"Jane", "last":"Doe"}

output: {"email":"", "id":123, "first":"Jane", "last":"Doe"}

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