The Map function iterates through each key in an object using a helper flow and creates an object as output.

For each key in the input object, the helper flow executes with the key name and the corresponding value. After selecting a helper flow from the Select Flow dialog, you can pass the key and value fields using the dropdown choices in the With the following values section.

The helper flow must output two values, key and value, using a Return card. Each key and value pair creates one key in the new output object.

The helper flow can also filter out some keys using Continue If or similar branching logic. For example, if the helper flow completes without returning a key and value pair, then that iteration doesn't provide a key to the output object.

Input Fields

Field Definition Type Required
For each item in this list
object Object or list of objects to process. Object TRUE
Run this Flow
Helper Flow Helper flow to process each key and value pair. Flow TRUE
With these options
concurrency Number of keys that are processed in parallel. Number FALSE
With the following values
Inputs Dynamically generated inputs defined by the helper flow. Use the dropdown to specify which input receives the key and which receives the value. Various TRUE

Output Fields

Field Definition Type
output The new object formed by the key and value pairs from the helper flow. Object

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