Read Row

Read values from a row in a table.


Field Definition Type Required
Read By
Table ID (if the provide table at runtime option was selected) ID for table. To obtain the table ID, see Provide a table ID at runtime.

To select a table and the specific columns to read:

  1. Click Choose Table, select a table in the dialog box, or click New Table to create a new table, then click Choose.

  2. Click Save on the card.

  3. Click the check boxes next to the available listed input fields.

  4. Click Save.

String TRUE


Field Definition Type Required
Table ID (if provide table at runtime option is selected) Select a table from which a row will be read. String TRUE
Row ID Unique identifier for the row that will be read. To search for a row ID, see Search Rows.

You can also get the ID for a new row as an output value on the Create Row card. See Create Row.

String TRUE


Field Definition Type
Created Date and time when the row was created. Date & Time
Updated Date and time when the row was last updated. Date & Time
The chosen fields (column names) from the table you selected. If the table is provided at runtime, you can manually add the field names and types.

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