Get started with Workflows use cases

The power of Okta Workflows lies in its versatility to execute a wide range of identity automation.

Workflows use cases help customers solve specific identity automation challenges using a bundled collection of curated pre-built and fully customizable Workflows templates that drive real business outcomes.

Workflows use cases catalog

The Workflows use cases catalog is available on the homepage of your Workflows instance. Each use case is navigable from the homepage and includes the following resources:

Explore popular use cases

Templates are bundled together in a comprehensive use case scenario:

  • Categorized by business function. For example, IT Operations.
  • Single solution card. For example, Accelerate User Onboarding.
  • Short description detailing the targeted business outcome.
  • How many tasks are covered in the scenario.
Start with a template

Investigate and discover individual Workflows templates:

  • Categorized by a simplified usage scenario. For example, Get Started. Click a tile to see detailed information for that template.
  • Each template description details the business challenge, key benefits, and outcome.

Filtering templates

Click See all templates to access the full list of Workflow templates and the search utility.

  • You can search the templates by the associated connectors, or using any keyword that may be in the title or description.
  • Search results can be filtered using relevant use cases or task categories. For example: the IT Operations use case has an Activate the workforce selector to show multiple templates that help your organization handle user-specific enrollment tasks.
  • Any required connectors appear as icons on each template card.

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