Step 6: Build a flow to activate users

  1. In the Workflows Console, click New Flow.
  2. Name your flow 1) Activate User on Activation Date, and then click Save.

  3. Click Add Event, and then select Schedule from the Okta apps.

  4. In the Flow Schedule window, set the Frequency to daily at midnight, and then click Save.

  5. Click Add FunctionTableSearch Rows.

  6. On the Search Rows card, click Choose Table, and then select your Contractor Access table.

  7. In the Result Set field, choose All matching rows.

  8. Click Done, and then be sure that all attributes are selected. Click Done.

  9. Click Filter, and then set the first condition to status with a value of STAGED.

  10. Click Add Another, and set the condition to activation date <=.

  11. Drag and drop the Current Time field from the Scheduled Flow card to the activation date value field.

  12. Click Done.

  13. ClickAdd AnotherFunctionListFor Each.

  14. Drag and drop the Rows field from the Search Rows card to the For each item in this list field of the For Each card.

  15. Open the dropdown menu for the contractorRecord field. Select the Item object to pass all fields to the helper flow.

Next steps

Step 7: Build a helper flow