Okta Workflows Release Notes: Preview

Generally Available Preview 2022.05.2 began deployment on May 18.

Connector Builder (in Early Access)

Dynamic dropdowns fields

Dynamic dropdown fields now appear in the preview section of the Options dialog.


Updates to the Workflows Templates catalog

An enhanced catalog for Workflows Templates is now available. The Templates home page now includes faster access to introductory templates, popular templates, and templates categorized by connector.

Fixes in Workflows Designer


For the Tables - Search Rows function card, the Row ID, Created, and Updated output fields were displayed even when they weren't selected as outputs in the Select fields and click “Save” dialog.


Advanced Server Access

The Advanced Server Access connector is now available with the following action cards:

  • Add Group to Project

  • Add User to Group

  • Change Project Properties of Project Group

  • Create ASA Group

  • Create Preauthorization

  • Create Project

  • Create Server Enrollment Token for Project

  • Custom API Action

  • Delete Project

  • List Projects for Team

  • List Server Enrollment Tokens within a Project

  • Read Server Enrollment Token for Project

  • Remove an ASA User from an ASA Group

  • Remove Group from Team

  • Update Preauthorization

  • Update Project

See Advanced Server Accessコネクタ.

Secure Code Warrior

An Instance Region parameter is now available in the Secure Code Warrior connector’s authentication dialog. The enhancement allows users to specify a value for a data location.

See Secure Code Warrior.

Smartsheet connector

For the Smartsheet connector, the following action cards are now available:

  • Add User to Group

  • Add User to Organization

  • List Group

  • Read Group

  • Read User

  • Remove User from Group

  • Remove User from Organization

  • Search Users

  • Update User

See Smartsheetコネクタ.

Fixes in Connectors


For Google Workspace User cards, the Organization Path appeared incorrectly.


On the Get Users Groups action card for the Okta connector, some fields appeared incorrectly.


The Office 365 Mail Get Message card input and output fields are reformatted with no impact to performance.