Okta Workflows Release Notes: Production

Generally Available Production 2022.05.1 began deployment on May 18.

Connector Builder (in Early Access)

Features and Enhancements

Additional context-sensitive help links

Contextual help documentation is now available for the following features:

  • Extensible inputs

  • Test flows

  • Dynamic fields

  • Outputs

  • Config values

Fixes in Connector Builder


For a connector whose authentication settings contained an access token, testing an authping or httphelper flow resulted in an error.


For some Workflows environments, the name of an org didn’t appear properly in the header pane.


Fixes in Workflows Designer


The Add app action and Add function dialogs inside an Error Handling - If Error function card didn't render properly.


For the URL - Parse function card, a UTF-8 encoded input value with invalid characters didn’t produce an error message nor return any output values.


For a throttled flow, the delay icon didn’t render properly in the Flow History pane if it also displayed a long status message.


In list view on the Flows page, data in the History column was garbled.

Previous releases

For previous releases, see Okta Workflows: Version History.