Create a user sync job

User sync jobs allow Advanced Server Access to automate the process of user discovery. Sync jobs use LDAP queries to locate users that meet the specified criteria.

Admins can create multiple user sync jobs. This allows them to pull user accounts from multiple Base DN and LDAP filters. It also helps in setting different job frequencies based on the requirements. A maximum of 10 active user sync jobs can be created for each Active Directory connection.

Before you begin

Create an Active Directory connection.

Start this task

  1. Open the Advanced Server Access dashboard.
  2. Click Create Active Directory Connection.

  3. Go to Connections and select an existing connection.
  4. Go to the User Sync tab.
  5. Click Create User Sync Job.
  6. On the job creation page, enter a job name.
  7. Click Add Rule to configure user discovery rules.
  8. On the dialog that appears, configure the Base DN and LDAP Query. See User sync discovery rules.
  9. Click Save.
  10. Click Save & Continue.

Next steps