Branding is a no-code tool for customizing the Okta interface.

Branding creates a seamless experience for your users. The page where users sign in displays your org's background and logo. Their End-User Dashboard is branded with your colors. If they encounter an error, that page maintains the theme. Even the email messages for account and password maintenance reflect your org's brand.

About multibrand customization

If your organization includes multiple subsidiaries or multinational components, Okta allows to you to use distinct branding for each part. This feature provides an alternative to setting up multiple Okta orgs, which can require higher maintenance, cause slower performance, and make errors more likely.



Set a theme for your org Your org's theme consists of a logo, a favicon, a primary color, a secondary color, and a background image.
Apply your theme to Okta pages After you set your theme, you can apply it to Okta-hosted sign-in and error pages and to the End-User Dashboard.
Apply your theme to Okta email notifications Okta sends email notifications to end users when their passwords are reset or their accounts are activated or unlocked.
Configure the footer for your org You can customize the footer by hiding the "Powered by Okta" message or linking to your own privacy policy.

Configure a custom domain

If you've enabled multibrand customization, you can associate new brands with a custom domain.


Customizations that you make using the code editors for the sign-in page and error pages will overwrite branding for those pages. For reset instructions, see Before you begin.