Preview an inline hook

Preview a new inline hook before you enable it to see how it will interact with your custom code. You can configure the inline hook request and then troubleshoot how your code responds.

Currently, SAML, Registration, and Telephony inline hooks are available for preview. See Preview a Telephony Inline Hook.

  1. In the Admin Console, go to Workflow > Inline Hooks.
  2. Locate the inline hook that you want to preview, and then click its Actions menu. By default, active inline hooks are listed first, but you can sort the table by type or name.
  3. Select Preview.
  4. Complete these tasks on the Preview tab:
    • In the Configure section, select a user from the user profile drop-down menu.
    • In the Preview example Inline Hook request section, click Generate Request. Verify that the example JSON payload of the request is populated with the user profile objects you configured.
    • Optionally, prior to testing the preview data, if you want additional customization, click Edit to edit the JSON payload of the request.
    • In the View Service Response section, click View Response.

Generated hook preview data can contain placeholder values and may differ from the preview request.

Preview a telephony inline hook

After you configure the telephony hook for your service provider, you can test its operation using the Preview action.

To test your connection to the telephony service provider:

  1. In the Admin Console, go to Workflow > Inline Hooks.

  2. Identify the telephony inline hook that is currently Active.

  3. Click Actions, then select Preview.

  4. Select a user profile for a user with a phone as a valid authenticator.

  5. Select the event that results in an SMS text message or voice call you want to test.

    For example, select one of the following event actions:

    • MFA enrollment

    • MFA verification

    • Account unlock

    • Password reset

  6. Click Generate request to generate the HTTP request to send to your telephony provider.

    Optionally, you can edit the generated request, by clicking Edit. For example, you might want to edit the profile to send a text message to a phone number that you use for testing purposes.

  7. Click View response to view the response from your service provider.

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