Okta Device Trust solutions

Okta Device Trust contextual access management solutions enable organizations to protect their sensitive corporate resources by allowing only end users and partners with managed devices to access Okta-integrated applications.

As traditional corporate perimeters disappear, your end users need to access applications from anywhere, across a broad set of clients, platforms, and browsers. As an integral part of Okta's Zero Trust security offerings, Okta Device Trust ensures that your end users are accessing applications from a device that you know is trusted.

Client-based solutions

Managed domain-joined Windows computers

Device Trust on Windows desktops

Jamf Pro-managed macOS computers

Device Trust on macOS desktops

MDM-managed Android devices

Device Trust on Android devices

MDM-managed iOS devices

Device Trust on iOS devices

SAML-based solutions

VMware Workspace ONE for Windows and macOS computers

Integrate Okta Device Trust with VMware Workspace ONE on desktops.

VMware Workspace ONE for Android and iOS devices

Integrate Okta Device Trust with VMwareWorkspace ONE on mobile devices.