Integrate Jira with Access Requests

The Jira integration allows organizations to create Jira tickets based on requests processed through Access Requests.

Before you begin

Start this task

  1. From the Access Requests Console, go to Settings > Integrations.
  2. Under Jira, click Connect.
  3. From the approval window, click Accept.
  4. In the Connect to Jira window, configure default settings.
    1. Identify an existing Access Request team.
    2. Select a Jira project to assign to new requests.
    3. Select a Jira issue type to assign to new requests.
  5. Click Update Connection.

When you integrate Jira with Access Requests, your projects in Jira are synced with Access Requests. You can view the Jira resource list in the Settings > Configurations section. You can also create a sublist for Jira. See Create a resource list.

To use automated actions, such as creating a Jira issue for a Request Type, perform the following steps:

  1. From the Access Requests Console, go to Settings > Configurations section.

  2. Select Jira resource list.

  3. Select an available Jira resource list.

  4. Click the ellipsis button associated with the list and select Edit list.

  5. Select a team from the Teams dropdown.

  6. Click Update list.

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