Create the application in Access Gateway

During this task we will create the JD Edwards application, specify a certificate (if required) and then add the required redirect policy.


Create application

To create the application in Access Gateway:

  1. Sign in to the Access Gateway Admin UI console.
  2. Click the Applications tab.

  3. Click +Add to add a new application.

  4. From the Application menu, select Oracle JD Edwards Enterprise One, and click Create.

    Select JDEdwards and click Create

Configure the application

  1. In the Essentials pane enter:
    LabelThe name of the application,
    For example: JD Edwards
    Public DomainThe external facing URL of the application.
    For example:
    Protected Web ResourceThe URL and port combination of the Oracle JD Edwards Implementation that is being protected.
    For example:
    Post Login URL

    Enter an appropriate target URL.
    For example



    Post Login URL may contain other elements specific to the implementation.

    GroupThe group containing users who can access the JD Edwards instance.

Configure certificates

    Important Note


    While optional, Okta recommends that all applications include certificates.
    See About Access Gateway certificates for general information about certificate.
    See Certificate management tasks for a general task flow for obtaining and assigning certificates.  

  1. Expand the Certificates tab.


    By default a wildcard self signed certificate is created and assigned to the application when the application is initially created.

  2. Optional. Click Generate self-signed certificate

    A self-signed certificate is created and automatically assigned to the application.
  3. Optional. Select an existing certificate from the list of provided certificates.
    Use the Search field to narrow the set of certificates by common name.
    Use the page forward (>)and backward(<) arrows to navigate through the list of available certificates.

  4. Click Next. The Attributes pane appears.

    For detailed information on the attribute options, see Application attributes .

  5. Confirm the IDP login attribute.


    By default the JD Edwards application template login field as the JDE_SSO_UID header. Change the value of the header field if required. Add additional header fields required by the application.

Configure policy

  1. Click Next. The Policies pane displays.

    See Advanced Access Gateway policy

  2. On the root policy row, click the Edit icon.
  3. Expand the Advanced sub-tab.
  4. In the Custom configuration tab, enter a proxy redirect for the target JD Edwards application.
    For example:
    proxy_redirect http://jde-app.domain.tld:7005 https://$host:$server_port;
  5. Click Not validated when complete.

    If all values are entered correctly, the Not Validated button will change to Validated.

  6. Click Okay.
  7. Click Done.