Typical workflow for deploying new provisioning app integrations

To add a new provisioning app integration to your Okta org, select either from the hundreds of pre-existing Okta Integration Network (OIN) app integrations or create your own custom app integration, then configure the provisioning settings, and give users access to the app integration.

This table outlines the tasks needed to deploy and configure an entirely new cloud-based provisioning app integration.



Search for an existing Okta Integration Network app integration

Check to see if the app integration you want to add already exists in the OIN

Add an app integration to Okta

Add the app integration to your Okta org if it is available in the OIN

(Optional) Create a SCIM integration using AIW

If you need to create a private app integration with SCIM support enabled, you can use the App Integration Wizard to assist you

Configure provisioning for an app integration

Configure the new app integration to manage the user lifecycle between Okta and the application

Assign app integrations

Grant access to app integrations to your defined users or groups