Freshservice connector

Freshservice is a platform that enable organizations to manage their IT operations. You can create, read, update, and deactivate users, read user actions, create, delete, read, search, and update tickets, and make custom API calls to the Freshservice API.

Authorize your Freshservice account

When you add a Freshservice card to a Flow for the first time, you need to create a new connection. See Authorization.


Freshservice users don't necessarily have the same access rights as one another. The ability to access data depends on the permissions set for a Freshservice profile. If some expected fields for a card don't appear, this could be a sign that the user is lacking a permission. See Authentication for more information on access rights.

Freshservice connector event cards



New Ticket Start a Flow when a new ticket is created in Freshservice.
Ticket Updated Start a Flow when a ticket is updated in Freshservice.

Freshservice connector action cards



Create Ticket Create a ticket in Freshservice.
Create User Create a user in Freshservice.
Custom API Action Make a custom, authenticated HTTP call to the Freshservice API.
Deactivate User Deactivate a user in Freshservice.
Delete Ticket Delete a ticket in Freshservice.
Read Ticket Read information from a ticket in Freshservice.
Read User Retrieve information about a Freshservice user.
Search Tickets Search tickets in Freshservice.
Search Users Search for a Freshservice user.
Update Ticket Update a ticket in Freshservice.
Update User Update a user in Freshservice.