Okta End-User Dashboard

The Okta End-User Dashboard is a platform to access your enterprise applications securely. From the dashboard, you can manage your Okta account, read notifications from your administrator, organize, or request apps. To work with your apps easily, you can also install the Okta Browser Plugin.

On mobile devices, you might be able to open the dashboard from Okta Verify. See Open the Okta End-User Dashboard from Okta Verify on Android devices or Open the Okta End-User Dashboard from Okta Verify on iOS devices.

Access to your applications is based on Single Sign-On (SSO) technology. Some apps require that you maintain your password, which means that you update it manually in the Okta dashboard. With other apps, Okta automatically passes on access through a token, so you don’t have to update the app password.

Sign in to your organization's app dashboard to access apps protected by Okta. In your browser, type your organization’s sign-in URL, such as https://example.okta.com, or https://atko.biz. Enter your username and password and follow the authentication prompts.


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