Okta End-User Dashboard

The Okta End-User Dashboard is a platform that offers secure access to your enterprise applications and information. From the dashboard, you can manage your Okta account, read notifications from your administrator, organize, or request apps.

On mobile devices, if your organization uses Okta FastPass, you can launch the dashboard from Okta Verify. See Open the Okta End-User Dashboard from Okta Verify on Android devices or Open the Okta End-User Dashboard from Okta Verify on iOS devices.

Access to your applications is based on single sign-­­on (SSO) technology. Some apps require that you maintain your password, which means that password changes must be updated manually in the Okta dashboard. With other apps, Okta automatically passes on access through a token, so you don’t need to manually make a change when the app requires updates.

Before you begin

  • Users sign in to their organization’s app dashboard to access apps protected by Okta. In your browser, type your organization’s sign-in URL, such as https://example.okta.com, or https://atko.biz. Enter your username and password and follow the authentication prompts.

    If you don't know your username, contact your company's help desk who set up your organization's Okta accounts. If you forgot your password, use the Forgot password link at the bottom of the sign-­­in page to generate a new one. If the link isn't available, contact your IT department.

  • If your macOS or Windows desktop is set up for signing in with Okta FastPass, and you access the Okta End-User Dashboard from a private browser window (Incognito mode), you gain access to the page as if you used a regular browser session. Okta Verify runs on your desktop and verifies your identity to grant you access to the dashboard. The verification is not affected by the browser mode (regular or private).
  • Ensure that you use a supported web browser: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, and Edge. For more information, see the Okta Browser and OS Support Policy.
  • If you signed in to the dashboard with Okta FastPass and refresh the page in the browser after signing out, Okta FastPass confirms your identity and you gain access to the dashboard. When you refresh the page, Okta verifies your identity as if you typed your organization’s sign-in URL in the browser.
  • If you attempt to access the Okta End-User Dashboard with a device who's clock incorrectly set, access will be denied. To regain access, update your device's clock to the correct time.

What you can do on the dashboard

Launch an app

Some apps in Okta have sign-on credentials saved within your dashboard. For these apps, you can use the Okta Browser Plugin to auto-fill your credentials when signing in. Depending on your org's configuration, you may be prompted to install the Okta Browser Plugin when trying to launch an app from a browser that doesn't have the plugin installed. Mobile users will not be prompted to install the Okta Browser Plugin when attempting to launch an app, and will instead be prompted to copy their password or username before opening the app in a new tab. If your admin has disabled the ability to view the password for an app managed by your org, the only way to access the app is through a browser that has the Okta Browser Plugin installed.

Change your username or password for an app

To change your password, hover over the application icon and click the gear in the upper-right corner to open the settings menu. Enter your current username and password to verify your identity. Then enter a new password.

If you are not able to update the username and password, contact your IT department to have them make these changes for you.

Add a section

To create a section, click the Add section(+) button in the left sidebar and enter a name for you new section. For example, Personal apps.
You can have up to five sections.

Change the order or your apps

Click and hold an app icon, then drag and drop the app to the location of your choice. You can also move applications to another section.

Note: You can drag and drop apps from any section except the Recently Used section.

Find apps

If you can't remember where a specific app is located, use the Search your apps field at the top of the dashboard to access it directly. You can find newly assigned apps at the top of the app catalog of your dashboard.

Find recently used apps

On the Okta End-User Dashboard you can easily find your recently used apps in a separate section. There is also a Recently Used tab in the Okta Browser Plugin.

The Recently Used section appears only when you have 13 or more apps on their dashboard. This section displays up to 6 apps that you have recently accessed.

If the Recently Used section isn’t available on your Okta End-User Dashboard, contact your administrator. This feature might not be enabled for your organization.

Recently used apps section on the Okta dashboard

If you don't need the Recently Used app section on your dashboard, you can remove it:

  1. On the dashboard, go to Settings.
  2. Scroll down to the Recently Used section, and click Edit.
  3. Clear the Enable recently used apps check box, and click Save.

Add apps

If your organization allows you to add your own apps, there is an Add Apps button on the top right corner of your Okta dashboard. Click the button, search for your app, and click Add. For some applications you see a Request button instead of Add. Click Request and your query is sent to your IT department. You receive a notification on your dashboard when your request is approved. You can find newly assigned apps at the top of the app catalog of your dashboard.

Remove apps

To remove apps that you installed, hover over the app, select the gear icon, and on the Settings page, click Delete. You can't delete apps issued by your IT department, but you can move them to another tab.

Sort Apps

You can sort apps on the Okta End-User Dashboard to fit your preference. You can sort every app section except for the Recently Used Apps section, and choose to order your apps alphabetically, in an alphabetically descending order, or by the order apps were added to the Okta End-User Dashboard.

Edit your info

On the Okta End-User Dashboard, you can edit the following personal information without having to contact an admin: 

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Primary email
  • Secondary email
  • Phone
  • Secure image
  • Password
  • Display language
  • Forgotten Password Question

You can also add extra verification factors if it is required by your org.

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