Backup and restore

Backing up your Access Gateway appliances and configurations is a proactive safeguard against data loss, down-time, and other unwanted negative impacts to your business. There are two primary methods of backing up Access Gateway appliances and configurations, and we highly suggest implementing both.

Available since Access Gateway version 2020.05.4

  • Virtual environment based backups - Image-based backups are created using the built-in snapshot functionality found in VMware, VirtualBox, and other hypervisor products. The benefit of image-based backups is that the entire Access Gateway appliance and virtual machine is backed up.
  • Access Gateway-based backup and restore - A backup of the current system configuration iincluding Okta tenant (IDP), Application, Datastore, and logging.

During this task we will perform:

  • Backup - Create an off instance backup
  • Restore - Restore configuration from an off instance backup


To backup an Access Gateway configuration to a local disk:

  1. Navigate to your Access Gateway Instance.
  2. Select the Logs and Backups tab.
  3. Select a backup from the list of available backups and click its associated ActionsDownload.
  4. In the Encrypt download dialog, enter a password to be used to encrypt the backup.
    Create passwordEnter a password to be used to encrypt the backup.
    Confirm passwordEnter the password again.

    Click the eye () or slash-eye () icons to display or hide passwords, respectively.

  5. Click Continue to download the backup or Cancel to abort.
  6. Using the file system specific save dialog, save the backup to a local disk.


To restore from a previously backup stored on a local disk.

  1. Navigate to your Access Gatewayinstance and open the Access Gateway Admin UI console.
  2. Select the Logs and Backups tab.
  3. Select the Backups pane.
  4. Click Restore from local file.
  5. Using the native file picker dialog box, navigate to the location where the off-appliance backup is stored.
  6. In the Decrypt backup dialog box, enter the password used when the backup was originally downloaded off-appliance and click Continue.
    The off-appliance backup will be uploaded to the Access Gateway admin instance.
  7. Review the Restore Warning dialog box and click Restore to continue or Cancel to abort. The restore begins and displays a progress indicator.
  8. When the restore is complete click Refresh. See Backup FAQs.