Upgrade latest workflow

Upgrade Access Gateway from its current version to the latest version.

Available since Access Gateway version 2021.8.0.


Before you begin

Verify that:

  • Access Gateway has been backed up.
    For more information see Backup and restore operations.
  • You have access to the Access Gateway Command Line console.

    • Access Gateway can reach yum.oag.okta.com.
      You can test connectivity to the Access Gateway yum repository using the Access Gateway Management console.
      To test connectivity:

      1. Use SSH to connect to the Access Gateway Management console.
        ssh oag-mgmt@admin
      2. Select 1-Network.
      3. Select 7- Connectivity test.
      4. When prompted enter host: yum.oag.okta.com
      5. When prompted enter port: 443


When upgrading Access Gateway high availability clusters, always upgrade working nodes first and the admin node last.

As of version 2021.9.3, Access Gateway supports selective upgrade. See Selective upgrade and Selective upgrade workflow for more information.

To update Access Gateway:

During the upgrade process, Access Gateway goes offline and is unavailable for three to five minutes. Plan accordingly.

After upgrading to Access Gateway 2020.12.3 the hostname reflected in log events is incorrectly returned as localhost. To return the actual hostname, Okta recommends resetting the hostname as described in Set Access Gateway instance hostname.

On the node that will be upgraded:

  1. Connect to the target instance Access Gateway Management console.

    >ssh oag-mgmt@[node.tld]

  2. Select 5 - System.
  3. Select 4- Upgrade.
    The upgrade menu will display and resemble:
    Upgrade Access Gateway
    1 - Upgrade to the latest Access Gateway version. . . 2 - View list of Access Gateway versions to upgrade. . . x - Exit
  4. Select 1 - Upgrade to the latest Access Gateway version ...
  5. The upgrade confirmation dialog will display and resemble:
    Enter 1 to confirm and begin upgrade.
    Enter X to exit, and cancel upgrade.Upgrade to Okta Access Gateway 202X.Y.Z-abcdefg NOTE: Confirming the operation will start the upgrade process. The system configuration will be automatically backed up before theupdate. It is strongly recommended that to take a system snapshot before proceeding. 1 - Confirm X - Exit Choice:
  6. Enter 1 to continue.

    Entering X aborts the upgrade and returns to the prior menu.

  7. The upgrade begins and shows results resembling the following: Update in progress... okta-datastores-202X.Y.Z-abcdefg.x86 64 . . . Installed: okta-monitoring-rest-202X.Y.Z-abcdefg.x86_64 Complete! Dependencies resolved. . . . Complete! Upgrade to Okta Access Gateway 202X.Y.Z-abcdefg successful. Press any key to continue to results review.
  8. The view yum page will display:
    Enter y to view the yum upgrade log.
    Enter x - to exit and return to the main upgrade menu.

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