Upgrade Access Gateway to the latest version

Upgrade Access Gateway from the current version to the latest version.

Before you begin

Verify that you have fulfilled the following conditions before you begin the upgrade process:


When you upgrade Access Gateway high-availability clusters, always upgrade worker nodes first and the admin node last.

During the upgrade process Access Gateway goes offline and remains unavailable for three to five minutes.

  1. Take a snapshot of the appliance or make a backup before you start the upgrade process. See your virtualization platform's documentation for instructions on taking snapshots. See Backup and restore for instructions on making Access Gateway backups and restoring them.

  2. Sign in to the Access GatewayManagement console on the node that you want to upgrade.
  3. Select 5 - System2 - Install Package.
  4. When the installer prompts you for a package name, enter the package name and press Enter. You can find the package name in the release note for the version to which you're upgrading. See Okta Access Gateway release notes.
  5. When the upgrade has completed, close the Management console.
  6. Open the Management console and sign in to it again.
  7. Select 5 - System4 - Update and follow the prompts to update the remaining Access Gateway packages.
  8. Reboot the node after you complete the upgrade. See the Reboot section of System menu for instructions.

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