Every registered device in Identity Engine is a unique object within Okta Universal Directory. This gives you visibility into the devices that access Okta and enables you to make decisions about user access.

Okta Device Access
Secure access management starting from device sign-in.
Managed devices
Enforce device management.
Device registration
Learn how to register a device with Okta Verify enrollment.
Device lifecycle
View or change the lifecycle state of a device.
Device assurance
Learn how to build device attribute conditions into your authentication policies to ensure security.
Endpoint security integrations
Integrate Okta Verify with your endpoint detection and response (EDR) solution.
Notification services
Enable Notification services to send push notifications to custom-built apps that use the Devices SDK.
Okta Expression Language for devices
Add a custom expression to an authentication policy.
Devices known issues
Identify the cause of the issue you experienced.