Typical workflow for deploying Microsoft Office 365 in Okta

This guide provides the information to configure Office 365 in your Okta org. Depending on your license type, some topics in this guide may not apply to you.

The following tasks apply to both commercial Office 365 and Office 365 Government Community Cloud (GCC) High tenants. For more information, see Configure Office 365 GCC High Tenant.


Office 365 is a high-impact integration. Okta recommends that you first try this integration in a test environment, such as a preview org.



Add Office 365 to Okta Add an instance of Office 365 in your Okta org.
Configure Single Sign-On for Office 365 Configure single sign-on for Office 365 using SWA or WS-Federation.
Provision users to Office 365 Provision users to Office 365 using profile mapping.
Assign Office 365 to users and groups Assign the Office 365 app to users and groups from the app itself or a directory.
Secure Office 365 using app sign-on policies Secure access to the Office 365 app using sign-on policies.
Office 365 integration FAQs Find answers to common questions about the Office 365 app.